What You Should Know About Air Vacuum Excavation

In places where vacuum excavation is to be carried out, there is need to check for all the existing utilities, establish their location to find out if they are precisely laid. Utility lines that are precisely laid out can easily withstand vacuum excavation but those that aren't might cause hazards. Whether it is underground pipes of cables, it is necessary to ensure that they are well taken care of to avoid any damages or potential harm to employees. Read more great facts, click here

Even after being located and mapped, the local utility lines will still be prone to damages if traditional methods of digging that include using shovels, hand augurs, and backhoes can cause major problems to the process. In cases where water lines have been damaged, the water pool may end up causing problems on electric lines and fiber optic cables shutting down important utility lines that local residents depend on.

To overcome potential hazards during air vacuum excavation, it is integral to uncover the buried utility lines safely, cleanly, and efficiently. With air vacuum excavation, it is possible to expose these utilities without risking damaging them. This method uses a combination of air lance to loosen the soil and a very powerful suction pipe to remove the resulting debris as well as safely deposit it in a sealed tank. This process is not only simpler, but also more environmentally friendly compared to the other traditional methods. Find out for further details on  ADP Group right here. 

Whether you are using vacuum excavation to dig up an area or any other method, it is always mandatory to contact the relevant authorities. This way, their inspectors will assess the area and inform you of any utility lines that may be passing through. Having knowledge beforehand will help you avoid many potential disasters. The staff handling the excavation also need to be properly trained in order to avoid damages and inconveniences during the excavation process.

While vacuum excavation is one of the best methods that you could use to dig up any region, it is expensive for small scale contractors. The cost of purchasing the equipment may just be too much for some and maintaining is not easy either. However, this doesn't mean that small scale contractors cannot access these machines. You can hire vacuum excavators in your digging tasks and this provides an easier and better alternative for small excavation companies. Make sure your staff is well trained to use these machines before you start using them in the field.